Inarticulate The more we knowThe less we feelThe less we knowThe more we feelThe more the world learned and studiedThe more uncultured it becameThe more they talked about mannersThe lesser they mend their waysThe more they talked of peaceThe lesser they let others have it.The more they understood what's previlegeThe lesser they  left it for … Continue reading Inarticulate


Hanging . A dandelion.Upside down.Breezed by the winds.Whizzed by the prickly pollensOn my floret skin.Buzzed by bumblebees,Tiny birds, flirtatious insects,Sensing their beaks,Tweaking their piercy antennae!To check my buoyancy, smell, specie...And rummaging away,Hangovered by my faint smell,Almost brushing past me ,A dandelion of sorts.A weed to the world, and wine to some.It is the beesThat bring … Continue reading Dandelion

The Sun

Everytime the sun sets in the dusty alleys , warm rooftops and misty windows of that vintage city, it soothes into a humming calm the people who breathe in its multicoloured traffic and monochrome tea…meandering with shy hopes ,twists of love, bumping into fears and throbbing dreams…those young hearts that beat in symphonies which are … Continue reading The Sun